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For the past 2 generations of the iPad, Logitech has provided keyboard covers for iPad devices contributing to the overall user experience.

The latest introduction of Logitech products features the Ultrathin magnetic clip-on keyboard cover, raising the quality of the product from previous editions.

With two color options (Space Gray and Silver) and weighing a mere 0.71 pounds the Logitech ultrathin magneti clip-on keyboard cover seems like it is a part of the device itself. The iPad device easily attaches to the flat piece of metal that can conveniently fold over the iPad, completely enveloping it and protecting it when the device is not in use. On the other side of the device is a plastic keyboard  with the connection point, micro-USB port, power switch, and Bluetooth pairing button. Perhaps the best part of the device is that the hinge disappears in to the flat part of the keyboard when the iPad is attached upright and in use.

They keyboard itself is where the true innovations are seen. Whereas previous versions had five rows of keys, the new ultrathin magnetic keyboard provides six rows with an adjustment that allows the monitor to be positioned from 48-70 degrees without sacrificing the integrity of the stabilization features.

In addition to the extra row of keys, a new system of function keys has been implemented including Siri activation and buttons for capturing screenshots.

The Logitech m325 wireless mouse provides the perfect companion to the iPad and Logitech clip-on keyboard cover.

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logitech m325 mouse

Comfortable and lightweight, the mouse fits firmly in the palm of your hand and can be connected via the micro-USB port of the keyboard cover. An activation switch on the underside of the mouse means that you simply have to turn it on and let the fun begin!

Any owner of an iPad should invest in some form of protection for their device. The last thing we need is another cracked screen because we accidentally dropped our our tablet or banged it around during travel.

For those that are frequently on the go, conducting business all around the world, the Logitech Ultrathin magnetic clip-on keyboard cover and m325 wireless mouse are the perfect companions for any iPad user.

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