Are You In A Hurry To Call Him

As I write this,I have a feeling I’m not alone here. Have you ever had a situation where you went out with a guy and you thought it went perfect? I know that many of you are already going to raise your hands and say “Me, Me, Me!”

Please let me continue.

You went out with the guy and it went well. So the next day you waited and waited to hear from him and you never did. Are we starting to get into some familiar territory ladies? I think we have all had fantastic dates with a guy and yet we were stuck waiting by the phone. It’s frustrating, right! Well, there could be a reason for this. Say, for example, you don’t hear from the guy. So you decide after a few days to take matters into your hand and give him a call. I mean it’s no longer the 1950’s. Am I right?

Are you in a hurry to call him?

So you dial his number and he picks up. You tell him that you had a great time a few nights ago and he echoes the same sentiment. You ask him if he has made plans over the next few days, He kind of hesitates, shrugs and says over the phone “No, not really.” You take the initiative and invite him out. He accepts and you go and have another fantastic time. You think to yourself “Okay, this time he will call me. He just needed a little push, that’s all.” But a few days go by after this “fantastic time” and he doesn’t call again. At this point in time you are probably thinking “What the hell? What is going on?”

Free Digital Photos Should I call him?
Free Digital Photos
Should I call him?

You text him and he sends you a few funny messages back. But that is it. That’s all she wrote folks. You make the choice to not call him back, because you don’t want to appear too desperate. But at the same time, you wonder why you are putting forth all of the effort and he is pretty much doing squat. Well there could be two explanations. And I advice you to listen to these statements carefully. These statements may just save you from making a big mistake. They will also save you from making a fool of yourself again.

He’s just not interested. He may see you as a good time, but nothing more. He wants to keep his options open. Though he likes your company he is not going to go out of his way to make a move.

If a guy is interested in you, he will let you know. Guys will find a way to make that connection.

He could be looking to keep things open for right now. He enjoys seeing you and talking to you every so often, but that is all. If you are looking for a relationship and he is not, then you will be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. Sometimes your best bet in this situation is to forget about him and move on, until he makes his move.  Once he makes a move, than you can discuss things, but not before that.

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