Hobbies You Should Pick Up in College

When you enter college you’ll learn a little bit about everyone. You’ll know where they’re from, their major, why they chose your school and an interesting hobby.

When I first came to my university, I met a guy who could ride a unicycle. I’m not even kidding. He rode a unicycle to class. Of course, he was known as “The Guy Who Rides a Unicycle on Campus.”

If you’re entering college here soon, you should pick up or fine tune your hobby or hobbies. I’ve got a list of pretty easy hobbies to pick up that will keep you entertained and entertaining.


This little guy will earn you major brownie points. It’s sort of like a miniature guitar and we all know that everything miniature is adorable. So, grab a ukulele online or at a yard sale.

This video will show you how to play hundreds of songs with just three chords on a ukulele. See? It’s easy and awesome. If you get really good, you can probably step up to a guitar. Who knows?


On a nice day, every college has a spot for Frisbees. You’ll see girls and guys just throwing the disc around. Other times, you’ll catch an ultimate Frisbee team getting really intense.

This video gives you the basics on throwing a Frisbee so you don’t look like a total n00b when you get out to the lawn. Maybe this counts as a work out? I’m not too sure.

Do you have any hobbies? Free Digital Photos | by stockimages
Do you have any hobbies? Free Digital Photos | by stockimages


Artists are praised in college. It’s sort of the time when everyone will look at your paint brush skills and their mouth will drop and they’ll say “I wish I could do that” or “I could never paint like that.” If you doodled a bit when you were in college, this is the time to bust out that pen and paper again and create something for your room or a friend’s door. You’ll get a lot of craft time in your dorm and also sometimes in class (it just matters on which types of classes you take).


There are a lot of frat, sorority and house parties in your future. At these parties there will be dancing. You can take some liquid courage to help you get into rhythm, but you can also learn how to do a few dances to keep you up to date. Guys like girls who can dance. Girls like guys who can dance. Even just the one step, two step is good enough. You just need some sort of rhythm to keep you on the dance floor. You can always work your way up to twerking if you’d like. Just give Miley a ring.


Talking is the best hobby to perfect in college. Talking includes listening. Learn how to introduce yourself. Learn how to meet people in every setting. A college town is perfect to make new friends. Just do it as soon as possible. It gets harder and harder to find a group of friends the longer the school year goes. Keep talking and Facebook adding, too.

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