How to Clear Your Mind and Your Closet

It’s that time again! Spring cleaning.

How to Clear Your Mind
How to clear your mind and your closet
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Those ugly (but gloriously comfortable) boots with scratches and holes in them have got to go. It’s time to throw those nasty work out tees with pit stains in the trash too. You need a fresh closet to look at for the New Year. Plus, it’s time to get all Zen on everyone and clear your mind. You can do that easy with some closet cleaning.

Here are a few ways to get rid of those long-loved keepsakes and how to clear your mind:

Out of the closet

We all look at that skirt that still has the tag on it hanging in the back of our closet. Maybe it’s too tight for you. Maybe that piece of clothing is way too huge and you don’t expect to explode anytime soon. No matter what, just because it’s in your closet, it doesn’t mean you need to keep it around. Give it away. Find someone that size. You need to give that garment a good home.


Reduce, reuse and recycle. Maybe you love that t-shirt that’s 10 times too big for you and has a mustard stain on the sleeve. That’s okay. We like keepsakes every once in a while. Grab that shirt and cut it up. Find a lot of fun tutorials and videos on how to create a perfect work out shirt or maybe one that will make that loving shirt a cute skirt. Think outside of the box.

Friend Swap

This one is fun! Call over your friends for a little party. Everyone brings some items they’re okay with getting rid of. You can tell them to bring jewelry items, jeans, ugly items they never wore or some shirts and skirts they don’t mind letting go. This could be a great suggestion to your RA for a monthly event! You can even nab a large boy’s sweater if it doesn’t stink too badly.

Lovely pieces

Find those pieces of clothing that make you feel amazing. We all have that one sweater, that sweet pair of jeans and that pair of socks that might have a hole in them that make us feel like 100 bucks. It’s those lovely pieces that make us happy. So, keep those cute items and make sure you wear them often.  The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll feel about the world around you.

Do you have ways to keep your closet clean?

We would love to hear suggestions when it comes to keeping your mind clear, too. It’s easy to get your head wrapped in material things, but think around the clothes and think about the way it makes you feel in the end.

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