Greasy Palm In College: Make Money To Have A Fulfilling Festive Season

make extra cash during the holidays
There’s no need for you to grease someone else’s palm to have a blast this holiday season.

No, there’s no need for you to grease someone else’s palm to have a blast this holiday season.

Rather all you need to do is to watch out for some instant money making opportunities and use the proceed that you’ll make to fund your jubilations.

Here’s how to do it:

4 Holiday Money Making Hacks

Yes, its a bit challenging to land a job during the winter college break, but it’s never impossible. To help you locate a suitable job during the festive season, here are some of the avenues where you could look to make some quick money:

Help to watch children, pets or house

holiday babysitting
Working moms and dads with toddlers back at home who could be of great help to you.

As its already evident, you’re running out of cash. And you’ve got moms and dads to cover you up. But, this time don’t expect your biological parents to fend off your financial troubles.

Instead, its the working moms and dads with toddlers back at home who could be of great help to you.

For them you could be their savior that would light up their day and enable them to heave a huge sigh of relief.

This spawns a host of part-time jobs for idle people like you looking for ways to make some quick bucks. Babysitting has turned out to be one of the most well-paying off-beat job alternatives.

Actually, there’s a huge dearth for reliable babysitters and you could be in high demand, if you could live up to that expectation.

Accumulate your change

Though living quarters are sometimes different, yet there are certain items that are staple for any home’s interior. These are the places where you need to check out first – what if you could chance upon a few dollars or coins hither and thither.

Save money this holiday season by cashing in your spare change.

However, there are other places too that could be equally lucrative like your bed stand. It is but obvious for many of us to put our money at a particular spot after tossing our clothes at the end of the day.

You may or may not find any money at those places as these would be the ones where you’ll look for immediate cash first during emergencies. Apart from that, you can check underneath your sofa or your car seats.

Moreover, we all have junk drawer where we find some coins whenever we go there looking for scrap items.

These places have lots of money and if you can accumulate them, then that would probably add up to your day’s expenses.

Bank upon Craigslist

It is granted that yard sale has its pros and cons. In case, you don’t have too many goods to put up on garage sale and don’t want to sit by all day for the same or depend on your neighbors either, then you have a better alternative to choose from – Craigslist.

This website has become one of the largest marketplace for selling and buying practically everything that is legal under the Sun. For example, you could sell goods like musical equipments, furniture, bicycle, art, housewares and so on here on this website.

Interestingly enough, around 40 million people use it every month to clear off their junk or make some money on the side. You could try out this as well since any fair-sized community has got a distinct place on the website. Here sellers are permitted to post their goods for sale without paying a dime. Craigslist just acts as the link or the bridge between the buyer and the seller, unlike eBay, and it doesn’t even participate in the transaction process also.

Transaction could be done face to face and you’ll get your money on the spot.

Reuse scrap metal

This is another suitable way to make money during your school’s winter break.

You’ll have to sell scrap metal to your locality’s salvage yard or at the recycling centre. It is important to note that you target selling only legitimate products or goods. For this to happen you’ll have to look for them at the appropriate locations.

Say for example you’ve got unused copper pipes lying in your home, then it is worth pulling them out and selling them off to a salvage yard. If you don’t have pipes, then you could scour for used or unnecessary items in your garage, basement or the shed. These are some of the places where we put all or most of the scrap items and hence, such items can be used to make some fast bucks too.

Apart from the above money making options, you can rent out your prime parking lot. By renting out the space, you make money as well as get some healthy dose of exercise everyday, by parking your own car a little farther away. However, if accessing your car seems to be inconvenient to you, then probably you’d drive less and save some extra dollars on gas as well.

Remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

By Symon Roger

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