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Although it seems like you’ve got all the time in the world, Spring Break is going to creep up on you faster than you think! For most schools, Spring Break takes places in March or April, so if you haven’t started planning already, you may be a step (or two) behind.

Here’s my easy guide on how to plan a wonderful Spring Break trip!

1. Pick out who you want to go with

This seems like a simple, not to mention easy, task, but in reality, it isn’t. These people have to be friends that you can trust and know will look out for you and help keep you safe.

You also want to avoid inviting friends who you know get a little too crazy when they drink or always create drama. Spring Break is supposed to be RELAXING, so the last thing you want to do is bring around people who will cause you stress. I’ve been there, and it was not fun. Avoid at all costs!

You also want to make sure that you choose people who you know will follow through on plans and pay their portion of the trip fees when asked. Often times, one person will have to shoulder the cost of a hotel or cruise ticket, so you have to make sure your friends will stay on top of their finances to pay you back … or you’ll end up footing the bill. And that is no fun at all.

2. Pick your budget range

I’ve been on trips with different types of budgets, so know that the amount of money that you spend is not always directly linked to the amount of fun that you’ll end up having. In fact, the trip that I spent the least amount of money on ended up being my favorite!

Usually there’s three different choices: 1) The type of trip you take to keep things cheap — don’t pay for travel (besides gas) or hotel (you crash on a couch) 2) The trip you spend a little bit on — paying for gas to get to your destination and a hotel 3) The trip you spend a lot on — plane tickets, cruise and/or hotel.

Make sure everyone is on board with the level of financial commitment required. And be aware that there are plenty of ways to cut down costs as long as you search for them!

3. Find your city of choice

While this decision can be tricky, picking out your friends and budget are a lot trickier. This is the fun part!

Figure out what you want to do during your trip. Do you want to be a beach bum? Or would you rather go skiing? Would you rather take a cruise and go to Mexico? Or would you rather climb mountains? There is no wrong choice here — just go with you and your friends’ interests (and budget limitations) and pick what sounds best to you!

4. Make your trip preparations

Depending on the type of trip that you’re taking, your preparations could take a lot or very little amount of time.

If you’re going on a cruise, for example, you may need to get a passport, which can take weeks and weeks to go through, so you’ll need to get on that immediately. Also, if you want to have some spending money while you’re on the trip, you’ll want to start saving up now!

But, most importantly, go over the logistics with your group of friends. The last thing you’ll want is an unexpected fee or expense getting in the way of your trip.

Have fun on Spring Break!

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