Graduating college is such a bittersweet time.


On one hand, you feel remarkably accomplished that all of those all-nighters and five-page essays have amounted into something substantial. On the other hand, you’re realizing that all of your friends are heading off into different directions, meaning you’re not going to see them every day like you did in college.

So what do you do when your friends are scattered across the country?

While your friendships are going to take a little more work than it did during your college days, it still is possible for your relationships to stay strong.

As someone who has been there, let me take you through some ideas that have helped me stay in touch with some of my closest friends after graduation.

Skype/Face Time

Luckily for us, we live in the age of the Internet. While connecting via video call just isn’t the same as hanging out with someone in real life, it’s the best alternative. Using video calling, you can give your friends a tour of your new apartment, show off the latest addition to your wardrobe or just plain goof off. The options are limitless!

Plan a reunion

Get your closest pals together and plan a reunion back to school! For ease of communication, I recommend starting a Facebook message thread that includes everyone. That way, you’ll be able to exchange ideas with everyone and also be able to look back on your conversation to see what’s already been nixed. The first thing you have to do is set a date, which will prove to be the most difficult, but it’s all downhill from there! Try planning the reunion around an important campus event so you will have something super fun to do while in town.

Visit one another

I’ve visited friends both nearby and far. Some friends like a mere three hours away, while others live a plane ride away. Figure out where you want to go and when and see if your friend is on board for having a visitor. Luckily for you, it will be a cheaper trip because you’ll have somewhere to stay! Also offer up your place for visitors … it’s amazing how comforting it is to have a friend visit you for a weekend, especially if you’re homesick.

Stay involved

I’ve found that staying involved in my school has also helped me to keep in touch with friends. Whether it’s going to athletic events or attending a concert on campus, it’s amazing how many people I run into. Make plans with friends who live somewhat close to campus and see if they’re interested in going in together on season football/basketball/baseball tickets. After all, nothing’s better than cheering on your team with some friends!


Despite what some may say, Snapchat is more than a way to send “dirty pictures.” Many people use it to send silly/goofy pictures throughout the day to friends. It’s a fun way to keep friends involved in what you’re doing without taking too much time/effort. Plus, sending each other your drunken pics is just plain hilarious.

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