Finals week.

It’s the week every college student dreads.

Every student is cramming to get the best grade possible on the final tests. Some students may be relying on a final to help them pass a class, while others just need to get an A to maintain a high GPA. Either way, students stress about the final because it is usually worth a high percentage of the overall grade in a class. Plus, students are having to take multiple finals the same week, adding to the pressure.

There’s no doubt that it can be a stressful week.

It’s important to manage stress for your health and to keep yourself from feeling too anxious while taking a final.

Fighting Stress | Free Digital Photo

Fighting Stress | Free Digital Photo

How to fight stress during finals week:

Avoid last-minute cramming

Do you find yourself more stressed when trying to cram for a test the night before? With a busy class schedule, it’s understandable why students tend to wait until last minute to start studying. However, planning ahead and studying a few weeks in advance will make stressful, last-minute cramming unnecessary. Studying for a few weeks will give yourself plenty of time to go over all the material and will most likely help you to remember the material better.

Take frequent breaks

Yes, it’s study week, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have some fun or make time for yourself. In fact, a break can help you focus more once you return to the books. If you start to feel frustrated, you know it’s time to take a break. Go out to lunch with friends, go for a walk or even simply watch TV for a little while. Whatever you do, it will give your mind a break and relieve stress.

Get help from a tutor

Maybe you are stressed because you are having trouble understanding some of the material. Most colleges provide tutor services for specific subjects. Schedule an appointment or attend a tutor session to get help from a tutor. Sometimes it just helps to hear someone explain it or work through a problem with you.

Study with classmates

Studying with classmates can help take off some pressure, too. Classmates can go over material with you and provide insight. Since they have been taking the same class, they can also supply notes from a class you missed.


Keeping up with exercising is important, especially during finals week. Exercising is a nice break from the books and helps relieve stress. Also, exercising will give you energy and help keep the mind sharp.

Stressing out during finals week will do you more harm than good. It’s okay to feel a little stress because it can motivate you to study more, but too much stress could affect test scores. Plan ahead, make time for yourself and use all of your resources to make sure you feel prepared and calm during finals week.

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