4 Places To Find Work On Campus

1269975_69331015Finding a job while in school can be difficult for college students.

Factors such as going away to school, not having a car and the size of campus make finding employment even harder without considering attending class and doing homework. Luckily, finding work on campus isn’t as limiting as it sounds.

Dining Halls

Although it is not the most desirable job, the vast majority of college employment lies in the dining halls. From checking people in, washing plates or serving food, there is no shortage of work to be done in a dinning hall. Also, with three meals day and seven days a week, you can pick up a lot of hours if you are desperate for cash. Obviously none of your friends will be jealous of your hairnet and you will never completely wash away the smell of latex gloves. However, the job is simple and mindless, and sometimes you can score a free meal. Unfortunately, the job might turn you off form ever using your meal plan again. But at least you will have a little extra cash to splurge on delivery pizza.

Resident Assistants

Working as a resident assistant comes with many perks. Free housing can really decrease your student debt in the long run, and you never have to go far to get to work. Being an RA also looks nice on resumes and proves that you can be a mature and responsible adult. Unfortunately, being an RA requires you to be a mature and responsible adult during the four years that people enjoy living a little immaturely and irresponsibly. The position can also force your social calendar to take hit, especially if there are major party weekends at your school. It can also create hostility between you and your residents, considering sometimes you’ll have to bust people who might otherwise consider your friend. But just remember, your days as an RA might be the last time you will get to experience free housing and utilities.

College Bookstores

A highly coveted position—especially if you get a discount—working at a college bookstore is no more difficult than any other retail position. Although you have to deal with the insanity of the first and last few weeks of the term, the job perfect for someone who wants to sit in air-conditioning and not deal with the disgust of food services. The hours never run too late, so you will still have time to go out on weekends and study during the week. However, positions at college bookstores fill quickly, and cannot offer as many hours as other jobs.

College Representatives and Campus Tour Guides

Perfect for any student who loves their school, college representative and tour guides are always needed at any university. Similar to working at a college bookstore, there are certain time periods where the workload picks up, but the hours typically last from mornings to late afternoons. So even though you cannot day drink, you will plenty of time to play catch up on Friday nights. The position requires a little more brainpower though, because you actually need to remember vital facts about your school, from history to statistics to layout of campus. The job can also be horrible if you live on a large campus, unless you’re looking for a workout as well. Also, because the position requires you to interact with people, introverts might want to withhold their applications.
Finding employment on a college campus can resemble The Hunger Games. However, if you are willing to get a little dirty or let your social calendar take a hit every once in awhile, finding a less-than-glamourous position is completely doable. Hey, you might as well start chiseling away at that student debt now.

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