You always read about how you can prepare to live with a roommate or even things you can do if you and your roommate have issues … but what do you do when your roommate becomes a flat-out enemy?

While most roommate grievances aren’t very serious, there could be a time where you or a friend is in a living situation that becomes potentially unsafe or just plain unpleasant to be around.

If you or a friend finds yourself with a roommate dilemma like the one described above, here are some tips to help deal:

1. Try to get out of the situation

I know this sounds rough and is probably the most time-consuming option that you have, but if someone is ruining your living environment, you need to try to get out … if it’s possible. If you’re living on campus, go and talk to your Resident Mentor and see what your options are. Most likely, you’ll be able to move to either a different room in the same building or even a different building. Don’t be afraid to speak up – that’s what RMs are for and they’ve dealt with issues like this in their training.

If you’re living in apartment, you don’t have as many options, but you can still find a way out. Most likely, your complex has an apartment with a vacant room, so if you ask, you can move to a different apartment. If it is so bad that you want to move out of the complex, then you’ll have to break the lease (which costs money).

2. Guard your property

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to protect all of your belongings when you’re sharing a room with someone, but you can buy a safe or a lock for your closet so that you can lock your valuables inside if you’re worried about them getting stolen or damaged.

If you have your own bedroom, lock the door when you leave. Even though this could seem a little excessive, at least you don’t have to worry about the roommate messing with your stuff when you’re not there.

3. Avoid hosting events

Unfortunately, if you are sharing space with someone who has bone to pick with you, you probably don’t want to give them extra fuel to add to the fire. Try to avoid hosting parties or large gatherings at your apartment until the situation gets under control … you don’t want your roommate holding an even bigger grudge against you than they already do. Plus, you’ll avoid the opportunity that your roommate could come in and crash the party.

4. Stick to the higher road

Some people aren’t afraid to take low blows. You’ll learn that throughout life. However, just because someone decides to be rude or passive-aggressive, you don’t need to stoop to their level – no matter how hard they try to piss you off. Whether it’s leaving notes around the apartment or talking loudly about you from the room next door, this person is trying to make you explode.

But just because they aren’t afraid to fight dirty doesn’t mean you should do the same. Keep your head held high and stay out of the mud-slinging.

Want to figure out how to avoid a situation like this in the first place? Here’s an infographic on finding a good roommate from (Published with permission)

Finding a roommate

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