Thanks Cable TV for Sending Such a Great Message: Why ‘The Bachelor’ Disappoints Me

When every season of “The Bachelor” beings, I go in with high hopes that this group of women will rise above their predecessors.

That maybe they will uphold themselves as classy individuals who represent high standards and are good examples for younger women.

However, each season I find myself disappointed time and time again.

The group of women on the current season are no exception.

On last week’s episode, many of the women were visibly upset when a former contestant randomly came to the rose ceremony to have her shot at earning bachelor Ben’s attention.

As soon as she entered the scene, it was disturbing how obvious the other women made their disapproval, many of them talking about her when she was standing nearby within audible range.

While I understand that they felt this was “unfair,” there is never any reason to call someone names when you don’t even know a thing about them. When is it ever OK to talk about someone when they are standing in the same room as you? Not only does this break so many rules of social etiquette, it also shows how little compassion some of the women have for other people in the world. Do you really not care that you’re hurting someone else’s feelings?

And yet this is the behavior that so many of them resort to.

While the show stresses that these women are supposedly some of the best catches from around the country, what kind of a message does this send to younger women? That it’s OK to be rude and call other women degrading names for the rest of the world to see just because you can? And that this supposedly makes you a great example?

I beg to differ.

I would beg the show to find classier and more self-respecting women, but I know that would never happen — it wouldn’t make good TV.

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