So you just sent your resume off to bunch of companies seeking and internship or a job and then you click over to Facebook to post the latest pictures of that night you and your buddies went streaking through town. After that you change your profile picture to your naked posterior and then Tweet about what a good time it was.

Probably not the best idea!

While you can set your privacy settings to ensure only friends can see those images… having that kind of information out there on the web is dangerous as you never know who can gain access to it.

Check out this report and video by CBS on employees viewing Facebook profiles.

Employers do look at your social media sites. From this they can gain a lot of personal information about you and can form an opinion on what type of employee you will be.

A potential employee will certainly be put off if you have obscene party pictures and lots of cuss words on your page.

You may have a 4.0 GPA and have the skills an employee needs, but a few party pictures and a couple of swear words splashed on your social media site will have an employer reaching for the next resume.

Perhaps you don’t have streaking photos, images of illegal activity, or anything too raunchy, but the opinion of a potential employee is formed quickly. In the link above, a potential employee says that a candidate for a job he wants to fill has harmless pictures on their Facebook page but they do not give him the impression of being “CEO material”.

I know college is the time to have fun and it is important to let your hair down after hours in the library, lecture hall, or taking exam after exam. But you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste as remember… these images you post in your twenties can remain on the internet for a long, long time.

Keep your Facebook profile employer friendly by…

Don’t post it If there is a picture of you that is so terribly embarrassing you don’t want your future employers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, future children, or anyone in the world to see. Don’t post it. Always best to be on the safe side.

Block photos Keep the images of the really good times between you and your close friends by using the custom feature button when uploading images or creating albums.

Clean it up If a friend has tagged you in a really unflattering image, you can un-tag yourself. However, to ensure that this image doesn’t live on and may come back to haunt you when you are in line for a big promotion somewhere down the track, simply ask your friend to please take it down. If you explain it nicely, maybe they will become more conscious of what they are posting in the future.

Remember, like Prince Harry recently found out;  a picture is worth a thousand words.

Similarly, keep in mind your blog is viewable by potential employees. Used to your advantage this can be a great way to showcase your writing ability. In fact, many professors advocate that students who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism create and maintain a blog to showcase their ability.

In this tough economic environment, getting a job is difficult and getting a foot in the door may prove even more difficult.


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