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A bachelor of science in business, or a bachelor of science in business administration, are two of the most versatile degrees you can receive. Whether you’re interested in working in the public or private sector, they tell future employers you are organized, well-versed in clear communication strategies, and have learned critical decision-making skills which will help you manage business operations in a well-rounded way. There are a variety of careers which are open to you, depending on where your other interests lie.

5 Career Opportunities for Graduates With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Start a Company.

It’s not easy to run a small business these days; a dream is not enough. The New York Times published this article, Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail; almost every one of them is related to poor business practices which could be avoided if the owners had an educational foundation in business. Small business owners need to understand best hiring practices, labor laws, market demands, and accounting 101. They must know how to manage a team of employees, maintain good customer relations, and make critical decisions when it matters most. Whether you’re interested in running a recording studio, your own clothing store, or a real estate company, getting your B.S. in Business Administration will provide a well-rounded understanding of how businesses should be run from the bottom up.

Human Resources Management.

If you love working with people, your B.S. in Business Administration will make you a great candidate for any company looking for an HR manager. Some of the qualities companies look for in a human resources manager are:

  • Managerial skills
  • Organizational skills
  • An excellent communicator who excels at public speaking
  • Ability to quickly assess a situation and make critical decisions
  • The ability to develop and lead a team
  • All of these skills and more are integral parts of top business administration programs.

Management Positions.

Are you already working in a full-time job but are looking for a way to promote? Going back to school to receive a degree in business is a practical investment which will pay off in the long run. While it’s important for managers to have a good sense of the day-to-day operations at work, business owners and executives prefer their management-level employees to have broader sense of what running a business really entails. Your degree will put you ahead of the rest when it’s time for promotions, or when specific management positions become available.

Management Consultant.

If you were wavering between a degree in education or business, but decided to pursue a bachelor of science in business administration, consulting could be the perfect career for you. Consultants are hired to go in to a struggling business and watch how they operate, review employee files, carefully inspect financial records, and conduct interviews with personnel. This will provide the information they need to put together a written report and presentation, educating the client about the changes their company can make to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Top Executives.

Do you want to rise to the head of the pack as a top executive? A bachelor of science in business administration is key. You will probably want to continue your education and receive a master’s degree, either in business administration or one related to your particular field. In most cases you will need a considerable amount of work experience, as well as managerial experience, so your business degree will form a solid foundation for your rise to the top.

These 5 examples are only a handful of the many professional opportunities open to you with your bachelor of science in business administration. What do you plan to do with yours?

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