Thinking about getting an MBA after you graduate from college? Its a tempting idea given that the average MBA holder earns approximately $3.2M dollars over their lifetime versus just $2.7M for those with only a bachelor’s. Have you ever thought about where the idea of an MBA and graduate business school originated from though? Well this helpful infographic guides you through the evolution of the MBA world. From its founding roots at the Wharton Business School back in 1881 up to the current state, you’ll learn how these programs have evolved!

Throughout the infographic you’ll learn fun, anecdotal facts as well. Did you know that Aspen University created the first accredited online MBA program back in 1987!? Who said entrepreneurs don’t get their MBAs, Phil Knight, founder of Nike, received his MBA from Stanford University back in 1962!

The facts shared in this infographic make for fun conversation starters with peers or even at networking events, keep reading and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on your own blog using the embed code below!

Evolution of the MBA via MBA@UNC

Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA Program

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