In the era of reality television, it’s no surprise we’re wondering: which reality television show best matches the qualifications of your current major?

If you were to join the staff (or cast) of a reality show today, based solely on your major, which show would best match you?

Donald Trump

1. Business Majors – The Apprentice

The perfect show for all the savvy, back-stabbing business majors who want to climb up the corporate ladder at any cost.

If you have the ability to face challenges head on, excel at both team and individual work and you can do it all while looking good in a business suit, you may have what it takes to win the position at the end of the show.

Requirements: Book/street smarts, a strong competitive nature and the ability to work under pressure.

2. Design/Fashion Majors – Project Runway

Love fashion, fabric and caddy contestants? If you’re a talented and creative design/fashion major, Heidi Klum’s, Project Runway, would be the show for you.

The skills you learned as a design major would help you in constructing outfits and working in a team as well as in an individual environment, while the knowledge you earned as a fashion major would assist you in choosing fabrics, colors and accessories.

Be prepared to bask in awe of the creative minds around you, but also prepare yourself for their big egos and big sob-fests.

Requirements: A love for fashion, models and making it work!

3. Psychology Majors – Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

You love helping people, but in this case you wouldn’t be helping people, but celebrity babies with a lot of drug and alcohol problems. On this show, you’ll use the psychoanalytic and counseling skills you learned in school to help celebrities pull up their pants when they pass out, clean up their vomit after binge drinking and listen to them scream about how they didn’t sneak those drugs into the house.

You’ll catch celebrities in compromising and illegal situations and probably have to turn the other cheek. The only thing worse than a celebrity going through drug withdrawal is a celebrity going through both drug and alcohol withdrawal, and in this show, most of them are.

Requirements: The ability to handle drunken disorderly people without flipping out, patience and listening to people cry over their problems.

Hell's Kitchen

4. Culinary Arts Majors – Hell’s Kitchen

You love food, cooking, baking and everything to do with a stove, but did your culinary arts major prepare you for Hell’s Kitchen?

If you work well under pressure and heat (literally), you are a creative master in the kitchen and your idea of a good time is heading to the grocery store, Hell’s Kitchen is the reality show for you.

Use your thick skin and competitive nature to handle the rants and demands of celebrity Master Chef, Gordon Ramsay, and the culinary knowledge you learned in school to complete cooking challenges.

Requirements: You love food, you’re  not scared by screaming Brits and you can handle the heat both in and out of the kitchen.

5. Criminal Justice Majors – Dog The Bounty Hunter

Love crime and solving mysteries? Well, this show isn’t exactly forensic files, but if you like hunting down and catching criminals, Dog The Bounty Hunter could be the reality show for you and your criminal justice major!

Join the team of bounty hunters as they chase down criminals, trap fugitives and put them away, all in 50 minutes. Use your criminal justice skills to profile fugitives and track their next move and your criminal fighting instincts to chase one down in your car or on foot.

Requirements: A love for mullets, white trash and putting away bad guys.

American Idol Logo

6. Performance Arts/Drama Majors – America’s Got Talent/American Idol

So you’ve spent the last few years in the spotlight and now you want something more; after studying the history and techniques of acting, screen plays and musical theory, you want your chance to really shine.

The best shows for you to express your natural and learned abilities? America’s Got Talent or American Idol!

Depending on your unique skills, you will love showing off in front of an audience and being on television, but you’ve also got to use your thick skin as a way to let the judges comments slide off your back.

Requirements: The ability to perform in front of large audiences, handle the pressure of show-biz and a seriously inflated ego.

7. Science/Math Majors – Mythbusters

Are you a curious bookworm who constantly questions the intricacies of life? Do you seek answers to all things regarding the world around you? Good at running experiments?

Mythbusters is just the show for all those science and math majors who love the thrill of holding a beaker, but also enjoy shooting a shotgun at the same time.

If science really gets your juices flowing, math is your idea of fun and you can’t wait to design experiments during lab, you should probably quit school now and apply to be on this show.

Requirements: A Huge geek who loves all things science, math and the unknown. Your idea of the perfect gift is a microscope and some fresh slides.

The Biggest Loser

8. Sports Medicine Majors – The Biggest Loser

You spent the last few years bandaging up athletes, hanging on the sidelines of games and studying the human body.

Now it’s time to put that sports medicine/health-fitness major to good use by helping people lose weight!

Put that positive attitude (and all those endorphins) to good use by helping those who cannot help themselves through motivation, healthy foods and the best exercises you learned while studying kinesthetics.

Requirements: Satisfaction derived from helping others, the ability to push people toward a common goal and a perpetual smile plastered on your skinny face.

9. Architecture Majors – Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

You’re smart, creative and strategic, but are you confident enough in your skills as an architecture major to rip down someone’s house only to build them a better version?

If you love to help people (and watch them cry), working with your hands and making a supreme plan, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition could be the show for you and your architecture major. Select the worthy people, rip down their run-down house and then rebuild it into something amazing; think you can handle the pressure?

Requirements: Great woodworking and construction skills, a buff body and a sentimental heart for the big reveal.

The Jersey Shore

10. Undeclared Majors – The Jersey Shore

You’re undeclared….and you’re a senior. Let’s be serious: you should have majored in partying because that is mostly what you did and you’re REALLY good at flip cup.

The best show for you? The Jersey Shore!

Enjoy all the things you loved in college: drama, partying and hooking up! Why leave the party when you can continue being a college student forever?

Requirements: A love for Guidos, Long Island Iced Teas and public fighting.

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