The hardest part of studying (apart from actually focusing) is definitely making sure you wake up in time or stay up long enough to study all your material. I can attest that my college years involved plenty of thoughts along the lines of “Oh I’ll just wake up early and study.”

Here are a few tips to make sure you stick to your studying schedule:

A. Figure out if you’re morning or night person and plan accordingly

If you’re a morning person, then planning to wake up early works! If you’re a night person (such as myself) then telling yourself you’ll wake up in the morning is the same as admitting you won’t be studying any more. At this point in your life, you know what you are so make sure to study accordingly!

B. Set Alarms. And backup alarms.

Double your alarms during finals week. If you normally have 2 alarms, then place four. Make sure they’re from different sources. Set one in your phone, in your computer and even have a friend/mother/relative give you a wake-up call!

Girl Studying

C. If you’re staying up, be well equipped

Even the most nocturnal person can feel sleepy staying up studying. Studying may not be vigorous physically, but it definitely is mentally! As a result, it’s easy to get exhausted. (It’s even easier to doze off when you’re studying material you don’t want to be studying.) Even if you’re nocturnal, stash up on tea/coffee and foods to keep you awake at night.

D. Sleep at least 5 hours a day

It’s easier said than done, but if possible, sleep at least five hours a day. Not being sleep deprived ensures that you will be productive while studying and decreases the odds of oversleeping in the morning or passing out at night.

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