Studying for finals can induce one massive migraine! It’s difficult to juggle life when you’re busy studying, attending classes, submitting assignment, frantically calculating what’s the lowest grade you can pass with, wrapping up obligations with clubs/activities and packing up to go home.

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Sometimes, the best way to focus on the things you need to do is to take a break. Here are 5 ways to relieve stress based on how you’re feeling.

1. Jogging/Running/Walking

If you’re angry or feeling like your stress is bottled up, go for a jog or a run either outdoors in a gym–although outdoors can be very therapeutic! Don’t make it about cardio or set a goal for yourself, just run till you feel like you don’t want to anymore!

2. Yoga

Yoga is great for when you feel like your world is about to collapse. If you feel like you’re stretched thin and are on the verge to call it quits and run away, then take 20 minutes to meditate. Even if you’re not a trained yogi, just take out a few minutes to sit in silence and peace.

3. Watch a sitcom

Watch an episode (a single episode!) of your favorite sitcom be it Friends, Scrubs or Seinfeld if you’re feeling depressed or destined for failure. Sitcoms are notoriously optimistic and always end an episode on a high note–and only require 25 minutes of your precious time!

4. Comfort Food with a Friend

Grab ice cream with a gal pal or a beer with a guy friend (or vice versa). Schedule this friend-date locally and make sure you don’t waste too much time. Give yourself an hour to grab a bite and catch up with a pal (preferably one who makes you feel better).

5. Shower

For most students, finals week means throwing hygiene out the window! If you just need a break and would feel guilty doing any of the above, then take a quick shower–hey, in the end of the day it’s still constructive!

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