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Los Angeles, May 30, 2011 — Splashlife, which opened its virtual doors on April 4 to serve as a new kind of membership network for young Americans, released its list of 30 of the most innovative educators from across the country — all 30-years-old or younger. The anchor to Splashlife’s Alternative Education Month, May’s impressive list of “30 Under 30: Innovative Educators” includes grammar school, middle school, and high school teachers and principals, education software inventors, after-school program coordinators, education policy reformers, and physical education innovators from New York, West Virginia, Texas, South Dakota, California, and Illinois, among others.


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“As recent products of their own education systems, these incredible educators have wasted no time reentering the field, identifying the areas that need improvement, and implementing new and creative ways to make a change for the better,” says K. Tighe, Splashlife’s Executive Editor. “Each one is truly an inspiration.”

Splashlife editors searched all corners of the education field for the best and brightest, collaborating with organizations like the Milken Family Foundation along the way. “When you combine the passion of youth with the power of the individual, great changes can occur in society,” says Jane Foley, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of the Milken Educator Awards and Director of the Milken Scholars Program at the Milken Family Foundation.

The Innovative Educator list serves as the third group celebrated in the regular monthly feature on the website, after Crafters and Comedians. Future “30 Under 30” classes will include music industry titans, social entrepreneurs, and civic leaders.

Splashlife, the latest endeavor of social entrepreneur Melissa Helmbrecht, provides a network of support and information for a rising generation of young Americans who are facing a time of epic uncertainty. Splashlife’s business model rivals the scope and power of the AARP, with a focus on these young people who have no such community or advocacy group.

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