As college students, we all inevitably face the issue of procrastination. Whether you are avoiding your laundry, an exam or heading to the gym, you need some things in your life to keep you busy and preoccupied while avoiding he things you should be doing.

procrastinating writer at desk

This week, I unveil five of my most favorite websites that help me put off all sorts of work that aren’t Facebook, YouTube, or Hulu.

Check out each one here and find some of your own favorites while exploring the web!

Website 1:

The website’s tagline is “Just for Fun” and that’s exactly what it is: a compilation of funny pictures and videos.

Warning: don’t read this in class; there’s a good chance you’ll laugh out loud at least once.

Website 2:

This website will provide you with exactly what its name sounds like. Just be careful not to move your mouse.

Website 3:

A cooler version of Digg and Reddit, Buzzfeed is a collaborative website where users can vote up or down on a post simply by clicking “like” or typing a one-word comment.

You can also predict what websites, pictures, etc. are going to go viral which is something I may or may not have established a betting pool for.

And, if you don’t want to do any of that, there are plenty of links to pages such as, “Jersey Shore Quotes Make Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards” just waiting to be appreciated.

Website 4:

This is a website full of cute puppy pictures. Go now.

Website 5:

For every hour I have spent in class, I have spent at least three procrastinating on Sporcle, a website full of user-created quizzes.

Not stupid quizzes like, “What Does Your Eye Color Mean?” but quick, educational quizzes like naming the seven dirty words you can’t say on TV (I can) or all of Charles Dickens’s novels (I can’t).

Website 6:

Just kidding.

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