So you want to throw a party or contribute some food to a party, but you live in the dorms.

What makes cooking difficult in the dorms is a lack of a real kitchen, or in some cases, not having a kitchen at all. Sometimes you may only have only a sink and no oven, other times there will only be a fridge and some countertops.

Either way, you need some simple party snacks that won’t involve a lot of preparation or cooking.

1. Strawberries and whipped cream

Strawberry dessert

Everyone loves a delicious fruit platter, so why not make it easy by grabbing some strawberries, a knife, cutting board and some canned whipped cream? This is the easiest dessert you will ever make!

What you’ll need:

Just that: Strawberries, whipped cream and a knife/cutting board.

How to make them:

Wash and slice your strawberry into quarters, stand them up and squirt a dollop of whipped cream in the center to hold the pieces together and add a nice, delicate flair to your dessert.

2. Homemade salsa and chips

This is a simple snack/appetizer you can make for any party or get-together. It’s simply, easy and there are only a few ingredients.

Fresh Salsa

What you’ll need:

– 4 Roma tomatoes

– 1 Lime

– A few cloves of garlic

– 1 Small shallot

– 1 Small jalapeno

– Cilantro (to taste)

– Bag of tortilla chips

How to make it:

Dice up your tomatoes and drain any juice that collects in the bowl. Once drained, toss your tomatoes into the serving bowl.

Next, dice up the garlic, shallot and jalapeno into tiny pieces and add them to the tomatoes.

Finally, squeeze the juice from the entire lime over the mixture. Throw in some cilantro to taste and serve with chips.

3. Cheese and grapes

Ever wonder why people drink wine while enjoying a cheese platter with grapes? The three work very well together and make a wonderful pairing so why not serve this at the party?

Cheese and grapes appetizer

What you’ll need:

– A block of cheese (your choice, I prefer cheddar)

– A bag of purple grapes

– Toothpicks

– Crackers (optional)

How to make them:

Simply chop up the block of cheese into small, bite-size cubes, grab a toothpick and shove it through the cube, then slide a grape down the stick and rest it on top of the cheese cube.

Rest the blocks of cheese on top of crackers if you like.

It’s that easy! Try some of these simple snacks for your next party or get-together.


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