Life Changing Experiences In College

For the most part, you come to college having some kind of an idea of what you’re major is going to be, which organization you want to join, and the type of paths you will take to get there.

But like any other aspect of life, nothing ever really goes according to plan.

Living Life

While in college, you have the opportunity (meaning you have the time) to learn about yourself and the things you never thought you’d be interested in. It may sound cliche, but discovering your inner-self can lead you down many paths you never thought to travel and can benefit you in more than one way.

While in college, why not try something new? Why not put yourself or your talents out there to discover exactly who you are and what you are good at?

Start Up a Business.

We all know who Mark Zuckerberg is. He was only a young college kid when he started Facebook from the corner of his dormitory. Now, 26, he’s one of the wealthiest businessmen in America.

You don’t have to be 40 years old to be successful. All you need is a product or an idea that people need or want, a plan and the willpower to motivate yourself. Who knows, maybe you can be the next Zuckerberg.

Write a Book.

Since you’re already spending so much time writing your term papers, research projects and lab reports, why not turn that skill into money?

Many college students have already banked off this idea and are reaping the benefits.

If you’re a poet, try putting together a chapbook and selling them at local poetry clubs. Or you can write about an issue or topic that pertains to specific people. If you enjoy drawing, why not try your hand at comic books or submitting your work to a literary magazine?

Record a Song or an Album.

I know, I know, everyone wants to be a rapper these days. But if you really have the talent and skills to rap, sing or play a musical instrument, get together with other individuals who share the same interests and passion.

Actually, with the help of programs like GarageBand that Apple’s MacBooks offer, or the HP Envy, the computer built for music, you can be a one-man-band and record an entire album in your bedroom. Besides, you never know who will be listening to you.

If you love to sing, why not create a YouTube channel and put yourself out there? Build a fan base and get your name (and your voice) into the airwaves.

Break a World Record.

This would be fun to look back on when you’re 50 years old. Check out the latest “Guinness Book of World Records” and try to top something that catches your interest.

You don’t have to great at anything in particular or be some kind of freak who twists their body into different positions; you can do something like creating the largest pizza.

I’m sure the kids on campus would love that!

Start an Underground Publication.

Most, if not all, colleges have some type of publication to serve the campus with vital information. Sometimes, however, the information provided isn’t always accurate or focused on issues that are relevant to the student body.

Got news on your mind that you feel your campus should know about? Start your own publication and write about what YOU believe in and what others should be informed about. Start a blog of a website and get it going!

Do Some Humanitarian Work.

Whether it’s helping clean up New Orleans or Haiti, people all over the world need students like you to help them. As a part of the human race, we’re all responsible for helping each other in times of need—do unto others as you want done to you.

Besides, this is something that’ll look great on your resume.

Conquer Your Fears.

Scared of heights? Go skydiving! Afraid of speed? Hop on a motorcycle! Terrified of dogs? Pet a puppy!

You only live once. Go against your fears at least once while in college. It’s something you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life!

So don’t try to live your college years on a pre-paved path.

Step out of your comfort zone and do something worth living for!

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