Life After College: What’s Next?


So you’ve finally graduated from college. You’ve made it through all those late night study sessions in the library, got through all your exams and partied until the break of dawn for the last time. At this point, you’re probably thinking:

After College

“Now what?”

While in college, you may have felt as though life was hard or stressful. Or maybe you were one of those students who flew right through college with ease.

Either way, it’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps (if you haven’t done it in college) because life is about to kick in high gear!

Tighten Your Resume Up

It’s time to really get your resume together.

Remember all those loans you borrowed from the government?

Yeah, they’re going to be asking for THEIR money back within about six months. It’s time to start a career or at least a part-time job.

Find a Place to Call Home

You may have to go back to live with mom and dad for a little, but don’t get too comfortable.

Whether you stayed in a dormitory or shared a house with three other people, it’s time for you to get a place of your own. That way you’ll be able to depend on no one but yourself.

Also, after living on your own without your parents for 4 years, trust me, you won’t want to go back home. It is a huge adjustment living at home again and at first you are probably going to hate it.

Get a Car

If you thought not having a car in college was not cool, not having a car after college is worst.

It doesn’t have to be anything new, just something to get you from point A to point B.

Unless you’re living in a major city where the majority of the population depends on subways, taxies and buses, calling people up for rides gets a bit redundant after a while.

Go Back to School

After graduating, this may be the last thing on your mind.

Think about it though: your mindset is going to be in college mode for a little while. Why not go to grad school or take a few classes you wanted, but couldn’t before for whatever reason.

Take advantage of it while you’re still young and you are still in the mood to learn.

Not Trying to Go Back to School?

If you have the funds, travel a little bit. Find out what the world has to offer you. While you’re traveling, take with you copies of your resume and visit business you may be interested in.

Talk to different companies and learn more about them. Whether they’re hiring or not, this will show them your initiative. Hand them you’re resume and chances are, they’ll keep it filed.

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