When I was younger, I spent many afternoons in the library.

Sure, my mom made me go, but I still enjoyed flipping through the cook books in the children’s section, picking out all of the delightful meals I would never actually make (partially due to my lack of follow-through and kitchen skills at the ripe age of 8), and carefully folding down the corners of pages.

So, when browsing for St. Patty’s Day recipes, I came across some “FUN” kids recipes that reminded me of my cookbook-browsing past and thought I would compile a few for our readers to try!

Note: Look, if kids can make these recipes, there is no reason why an educated college student such as yourself can’t also give it a whirl, so pick your favorites and whip ’em up this weekend! The best part? Because these recipes are for kids, they also double as dorm-friendly!

1. How much easier can this get?

Hotdog Octopus


Bonus: This recipe qualifies as not only a kid’s recipe, but also a St. Patty’s Day recipe because the octopi are resting on “seaweed” pasta (it’s green, OK? It counts).

What you’ll need:

– 1 Package of the finest hot dogs

– 1 Package of Ramen Noodles

– 5 Drops of green food coloring

– Mustard for the face (it’s clearly not worth doing without this ingredient)

How to make them:

– Boil the noodles until soft and tender; drain water in a colander, place in a bowl and then mix in the food coloring.

– Cook the hotdogs until hot and tender, slice them up the long way so each one has 8 “legs”.

– Add any face you would like with the mustard.

2. Didn’t you always want these as a kid?

I don’t know about you, but I used to see commercials for these, but never got to actually make them. My mom only served Jell-O in the form of the bowl it was made in; no special shapes for me (I know, what a depraved childhood).

Anyway, this is a very simple, yet fun recipe anyone can make!

Jell-O Jigglers


What you’ll need:

– Box of your favorite Jell-O

– Either a long, rectangular-shaped, glass dish OR a flat-bottom cake pan

– Cookie cutters

How to make them:

– Follow the directions on the box of Jell-O on how to mix the ingredients.

– Pour your mixture into either of the containers and then put in the fridge until the Jell-O is firm.

– Use your cookie cutters to press into the Jell-O then remove each Jiggler with a spatula or large spoon.

3. More like dessert than breakfast, but still cool

Who could resist food that smiles back? While you COULD go to the trouble of whipping up homemade pancakes, buying fresh fruit and a can of whipped cream, realize that all of these ingredients are simply waiting for you in your cafeteria on Saturday/Sunday mornings (Brunch, anyone?)

iHop Pancake Face


What you’ll need:

– A meal plan (or a friend who has one)

– A Pancake from the buffet

– Blue berries and strawberries (again, from the buffet or salad bar)

– Whipped cream

How to make it:

– Flop the pancake onto your plate.

– Grab the whipped cream and make two dots for eyes and a sqiggly-line for a mouth.

– Plop the fruit in the right places and you’ve got yourself a face.

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