This one could not wait. You heard it here, Google+ will change how the entire world communicates.

I highly suggest everyone immediately navigate to and be one of the first to witness a world changing event taking place.  I say this not for any specific reason other than I truly believe this may be one of the most significant projects the internet has ever seen. Once fully engaged, this tool will change how we communicate with each other, how we share media, how we get together, how we stay in touch and how we evolve as a collective.

I express the utmost excitement for this project and am excited to witness how this will change countless aspects of our daily lives and interactions with our social circle.  Any evolution that can assist and empower the people to unite is something worth learning about. This is huge. Kudos, Google.  This is surely one of the most amazing developments on the internet I have ever seen.

This was not endorsed in any way and is purely an opinion.

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