It’s the end of the week and you know what that means: more stories for your entertainment! I know you enjoyed the last few weeks of stories from vandalism to pranks, so I hope you get a chuckle out of the dorm stories this week, too!

This story is a big, dirty mess. When in college, sometimes you experience gross people, other times you are the victim of a prank. In this case, it was a prank that was dirtying up this residence hall. Remember the poop story from a long time ago? Let’s meet the victim:

Restroom sign

Story #1: Holy Crap!

“One morning I was getting ready for class and went to go take a shower. I hopped in thinking that I was about to enjoy a nice hot shower to start my day but when I looked over at the soap dish I saw a big turd that literally looked like a horse had been the culprit.

I screamed and ran out the shower to the Resident Director’s office to tell her. She ended up getting rubber gloves and a trash bag and picked it up and threw it out herself. I thought that the whole floor was going to get fined or we would at least get some long lecture about hygiene, but the RD explained that it was a prank that happened at least twice every year.”

Story #2: Beat It.

If you thought guys left their testosterone and childish ways in high school, think again! College is just another breeding ground for guys to act tough, throw punches and get into fights. In this case, the fight was over a girl and didn’t end too well for the guy who started it all!

“One of the girls in our dorm was hooking up with a guy that lived in the building and her ex went to our school. I guess her ex didn’t like her seeing anyone else because he showed up to our dorm one night and confronted a group of guys that lived on my floor.

All of the guys on my floor were pretty close because they all spent every day together. So when the ex showed up and confronted the guy with profanities, he told the ex to go home and that if he stayed, things weren’t going to end well for him.

What did he do? The ex punched him in the face! Before you knew it, every guy that lived on the floor (about 30 of them) were outside kicking and punching the guy who started it all.

I had never seen so many guys come out of their rooms in my life. There was so much commotion that everybody came out of their rooms to watch. Some girl even threatened to throw water at them as if they were dogs.”

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