It’s that time again! The crazy, hilarious and embarrassing dorm stories you love to read. These two are actually from the same guy, and the bad thing about it is he has way more than just these two. Hopefully he will regale us with more next week.

Our first story is going to make you all wet; water balloons, college and drinking just don’t mix!

water balloon

Story 1: Hey Dude, That’s My Car.

One night in my dorm room my roommate and I were drinking and we decided to throw water balloons out the window of our room.

Below our room was a parking lot and I guess it didn’t really cross our minds that we might actually hit one of the cars… or if it did, I don’t remember.

I’m throwing balloons out the window and sure enough, I hit a car. The lady in the car was looking up and was afraid to get out the car so she got out on a cell phone and started dialing. All a sudden there’s two RAs at my door scolding me about pranks and inappropriate behavior.

Come to find out, I hit the car of Housing Coordinator, who is the person in charge of all of housing. My hands were wet and there were a ton of balloons in the room so I couldn’t even deny it. I ended up getting written up and had to pay a fine.”

Story 2: That’s Vandalism

This second story will simply remind you to keep your hands in your pockets and off of resident hall property…otherwise you may be doing some extra writing, and no, I’m not talking about English class.

“My first semester as a freshman I was roaming the residence halls with some friends and I saw a sign on the fourth floor. I thought the sign was dumb so I ripped it down and took it with me. The sign just so happened to be posted up across the hall from the RAs room so as I’m walking away I hear the door open and I freeze.

My friends I was with saw the RA and took off, “run! You got caught!” they ran away and left me standing there with the sign in my hand. The RA started yelling at me telling me about vandalism and asked for my name, I gave him a fake name and walked away.

I went downstairs on the first floor lobby to try and find my so-called friends and 15 minutes later the RA finds me and says ‘I searched the database and there is no one with your name that lives at this university, if u are not a resident I’m going to have to call police and have you escorted out.’ so I had to give him my real name and he wrote me up.

I had to write a disciplinary paper about why its not a good idea to deface housing property.”

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