The Story

OK, so back when I worked as a technical recruiter, I used to interact with some pretty wild job seekers.  And by wild, I mean that some crazies told me way too much about their personal lives.

I’ve had job seekers send me pictures of their newborn babies, their weddings, their vacations, and their pets.  They’ve told me about the people they date, how poor they are, how sick they are, and have even told me gross personal secrets about their hiney.

While all of it is unwanted, this particular story is one for all you recent grads out there who are looking for jobs:

One of our clients had a 3 week deployment project in Minnesota, and they needed 2 or 3 people to work the gig.  I came across a resume that looked perfect for the work, so naturally, I sent an email and left a voicemail.  The day ends, and I get nothing back from the candidate.

The next morning I receive an e-mail that goes something like this…

I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  I had to go to the doctors yesterday to get a cyst in my butt lanced.  Ouch!

Yes, the person really did say “Ouch!”, and no, I didn’t send their resume to my client.

Mount Buttmore

The Lesson

Be friendly, and outgoing, and witty, but don’t tell your recruiter or hiring manager about your butt.

In fact, don’t tell them about any of your body parts.  They want to know if you are qualified, and they want to help you get a job. They do.  I promise!  They really do.

See them as a business partner, not your best friend.  If you are hired to work for their company or their client, then maybe you can keep in touch and share a few drinks.  At that point, possibly bring up the person you are dating, the babies you have, the vacation you’ve been on, or even a crazy story from a bachelor party.  Just please… please God… don’t ever talk about your butt.

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