Packing can be stressful and it’s easy to leave out important items that are essential to your vacation.

You don’t want to freak out in the airport and realize you forget x, y or z and you definitely don’t want to end up spending extra money on items you already bought for your trip so make sure to pull up this checklist while packing!

Coppertone spray-on sunscreen

Beach Essentials

The most important items you will need for the beach to get you through the heat and keep you safe all week.

– Sunblock

I would advice bringing two different types: one with a strong SPF and one with a medium SPF. You will need the stronger SPF in the beginning of your trip, but as your skin and body gets used to the sun and new weather, you will probably end up using a lower SPF later on in the week.

– Sunglasses

It may seem silly, but pack your nice, designer pair AND a crappy $10 pair that you don’t mind scratching up. Trust me, my friend bought a pair of brand new Coach sunglasses, wore them into the water (she forgot they were on her head) and what happened? A wave crashed on her and she lost them in the ocean.

– Hat

Whether you are a guy or a girl, this is an important beach essential. Not only will the hat protect your hair from sun damage, but it will also protect your face and keep your feeling cool when it gets scorchingly hot on the beach. There is nothing better than being able to lie on a towel and feel your body heat up in the sun without the heat beating down on your face.

Travel Essentials

You’ll need plenty of entertainment for your trip so make sure you don’t forget these important items!

– iPod/Cell Phone

This seems like a no brainer, but did you remember to charge both before you left? The last thing you want to do is settle into your seat on the plane, whip out your iPod then realize it’s dead.

Also, I almost left my cell phone on my counter before leaving for a two week trip so don’t think it can’t happen to you. Thankfully my mom was paying attention and she called my sister to tell me to come back up to the house and retrieve my communication baby.

– Chargers

Again, your iPod and cell phone are no good to you if they are dead so DON’T forget to pack your chargers for both! A common mistake is accidentally packing someone else’s charger or packing a camera charger instead of your cell phone charger so make sure all of the cords correctly match up with the device!

– Book(s)

In case your electronic devices fail you, you should have a book to keep you occupied while lounging on the beach, waiting in the airport, cruising through the stratosphere and even before bed!

Pick up a library book, head to or your local bookstore before your trip; don’t waste your money on the expensive books in the airport.

spring break luggage

Apparel Essentials

This covers clothes, shoes, and undergarments; all things you don’t want to forget!

– Flip flops

Again, these babies seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people forget to bring them on spring break; the reason? When you are leaving for your trip, it’s probably still cold wherever you are so you don’t think to pack extra footwear. Pack up your flip flops right now because you’ll be living in them for the next week!

– Sweatpants/Sweatshirt/Jacket

Warm clothing, on spring break? YES! It can get very cold at night, especially in restaurants and public places because the air conditioning is always running. The locals are used to it, but you are not, so you may find your fingers, toes and extremities a bit cold.

You may also want to prepare in case you get a bad sunburn and begin experiencing chills which has happened to me on more than one occasion; it never hurts to have a little extra warm clothing lying around in any of the aforementioned situations.

– Extras

This covers just about anything; extra socks, extra underwear, an extra bathing suit, or even an extra towel.

If you tend to soil these types of things easily or you don’t want to do laundry, pack extra of these items and you will be worry-free!

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