A lot of times, social networks like Facebook and Twitter get a bad rep only because they often become distractions while students are in the middle of studying or in class.

We all pretty much know the major disadvantages of social media platforms: putting up too much personal information, personal photographs and even inappropriate language that a potential employer or partner might see.

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But this isn’t about bashing social networks.

This is about how they can be beneficial to college students.


As mentioned, potential employers may be prowling through your Facebook. Keep it as clean as possible.

This can also work toward your advantage as well. Many businesses have Facebooks or Twitters. Befriend them and stay updated with their latest news.

Why not strike up a conversation? Ask about possible job openings; you never know where it might lead you.

Missed a class?

It happens. Sometimes the alarm doesn’t go off; sometimes you may be ill and cannot make it to class. Whatever the excuse may be as to why you missed class, there’s always a way to find out what you missed from the comfort of your bed: social networks!

Sometimes your friends don’t answer their phones or their e-mails, but for some reason, you can always reach them on Facebook. Ask them about the lesson you missed, to share notes, or see if you can meet them at the library later on in the day when you are better.

Not in college yet?

Not a problem. For high school students looking to catch a glimpse of their future university on a more personal level, befriend your potential school on Facebook or Twitter. Check out their updates, what is buzzing on campus, and see who else is following each school.

Yes, many schools are now operating on social networks to communicate with with today’s generation of students.

Overall, social networks serve their purposes. They are beneficial to those who choose to benefit from it. Just remember, be careful of what you put up on websites, because once it’s posted, it’s lost in cyberspace forever!

Stay connected!

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