As we all know well, iPods and MP3 players have replaced tape players and CD players. These little powerful gadgets are convenient and very much affordable to college students of all financial backgrounds.

No iPods and MP3s

You could probably head over to any college campus and catch students walking around with their headphones in their ears.

However, there are potential dangers to using such devices, especially for a prolonged length of time or at a certain volume.

I Like My Music Loud!

Many students enjoy their music turned up to the max. If you’re one of those students, you may want to reconsider the volume of you iPod or MP3.

Not only is listening to music at high altitudes damaging to your hearing, but it blocks out all other surrounding sounds which can also be very dangerous.

For instance, if you’re crossing the street on campus, you may find yourself walking right into traffic by accident. Sometimes cars may not see you or are just too busy speeding to see you step into the street.

How about walking alone at night? If you can’t see or hear the people around you, you may end up in a dangerous situation. If you are alone walking at night, try to stay off you iPod and cell phone so you can avoid dangerous people and situations.

Lower the volume down or try listening to music with one headphone in you’re ear so that you’re still able to hear the sounds in your atmosphere.

Cruising Around Campus

It may sound a little awkward, but there are some people who enjoy listening to their iPods or MP3s in the car or on a bike.

Again, you need to be able to hear the sounds around you. An emergency siren could be headed your way in which you need to move. Sometimes you hear them before you see them.

Also, shuffling through songs is distracting just like texting and driving.

Today, there are devices in which you can plug your iPod or MP3 into your car. Try presetting a playlist as well so you’re not fumbling with your iPod or MP3 while driving or operating a transport vehicle.

Shock Factor

Like any electronic device,  iPods and MP3s are no exception, you’re at risk of getting shock if the device comes into contact with water. For some reason, some students just can’t disconnect themselves from their devices . . . even in the rain.

If it’s rainy outside or you’re around a great amount of water, for the sake of you’re safety, just put it in your bag until you you get to a dry environment.

Lost and Found

If you lose your iPod or MP3 on campus, chances are, you won’t be seeing it again.

Popular devices like iPods and MP3s are very convenient for people to have, especially students. They’re handy, pack a lot of information and are entertaining.

Get your iPod or MP3 engraved with your name. If by any chance you lose it and see someone with a similar device, you can ask to see the back for the engraving of your name.

With common sense and awareness, you should be OK with using your iPod or MP3 on campus.

Just remember that when your ears are plugged up with your favorite jam, it’s not just your life in danger, it could be the lives of others as well.

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