If you’re reading this, you recently took short, but proud hungover strides across the stage to a smiling scholar holding a piece of paper that aesthetically declared change of your undergraduate status from enrolled student to alumni.

Hold for cheering and applause

For most, if not all, you were so caught up in the excitement of family photos, partying, and saying your goodbyes to professors and friends that it wasn’t until you finally got settled back at home, unpacked, and sat down that you thought:  Now What?

First off, for the highly ambitious – relax, breathe, and take a few days off to recharge your batteries and get back to neutral.  You just endured a very monumental milestone in your life and you want to gain peace of mind before you hit the ground running in an attempt to hurdle professional aspirations.  I am currently taking my own advice.

Whether you have an internship lined up, signed contract for a corporate position, or are heading back to your recurring summer job at the local pizza shack, start to prioritize and organize your life in the manner of a respectable, working adult.  Right now, whatever your professional status may be, it should not able you to neglect that you are officially a college graduate and it is no longer beneficial for you to disregard inevitable adulthood.  Preparation is timeless, and whether you don’t see yourself chasing your dream job quite yet, you should still make time for personal development.

Begin by making small improvements – embrace a workout routine, re-organize your space, research business interests, etc.  Distributing positive contributions among your daily routine will in turn attract opportunity for external endeavors.  Make it a point to do at least three separate productive activities each day, no matter how big or small.  You will find yourself sleeping easier at night.

Don’t forget to have some fun too; Everyone needs some winding downtime at the end of the day.  Give in to guilty pleasures without compromising your main goals.  With that being said…

Pick a goal and stick to it; Work to achieve them individually.  It’s okay to have multiple goals but bouncing around between a million things will keep you from accomplishing anything important.

Congratulations Class of 2011!

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