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Windows Phone

HTC Trophy Windows Phone

Technology moves and evolves faster each day. Watching the marketplace bustle with new inventions and new twists on products to enhance our lives has been a fun and intriguing experience to watch. Technology quickly becomes less expensive, more feature-rich and helps all of us to lead more efficient lives.

After all these years I’m still going strong as a fan of Microsoft, Windows and their products, even though at times it seems the world is obsessed with Apple. One reason is I enjoy the ability to purchase software and hardware from a third-party as I feel it drives competition for better products and allows an open platform for innovation.

Recently, the kind folks at Microsoft sent me over a brand new HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7.5 to review for College Cures’ fans and readers. Personally, I’ve used a Motorola Android for a few years now but was delighted to see what this Windows Phone had to offer.

Since I’d never used a Windows Phone it makes my experience easy to document because I’m experiencing this product for the very first time.

Before turning the device on, I appreciate the sleek and lightweight design of the HTC Trophy. Go figure, a convenient shape and size. The touch screen is smooth, accurate and sensitive. I’m instantly wow’ed by the graphics and slick transitions from screen-to-screen, very futuristic and smooth without any lag.

The main menu uses large icons that make this device simple and effective to use. Large, clearly labeled icons keep the phone, messaging, email and social networking aspects directly in plain view. Meanwhile, your radio, Verizon mobile, games, web and less used features are found neatly below.

Though other devices are almost too cluttered with unnecessary features and extra applications, this phone keeps it simple and direct – creating ease of use that I feel is appreciated from a different generation of folks. Meanwhile, its capabilities are still extensive and fitting for a young person, college student or young professional.

I really appreciate the screen layouts, transitions, sleek feel of the operating system and fun little features like zooming through clouds and rain to get the weather report. This phone seems to condense a broad range of messaging and connections into one place where you can easily chat, message and stay on top of conversations and calls.

Another cool feature is how this phone is so personalized. Your photos and the faces of your friends appear everywhere, even as you navigate through various sections of the phone.  The phone really becomes your own and changes with you.

Overall, I appreciate the simplicity, sleek design and simple to navigate experience.  It keeps what you use most front and center with everything else just a tap away.

Check the Windows Phone out some more for yourself and be sure to go play with one at your nearest wireless provider.

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