When you are apart of a large campus, it’s easy to get lost in the mix of things.

It’s your responsibility to get over certain speed bumps that may prevent you from being true to yourself. Make sure that college allows you to shine, not fade into the background.

1. Don’t blast your ipod when walking around campus because you may miss out!

Girl Listening to Ipod


It is sometimes tempting to turn up the music and zone out until you get to your class, however, when you space out, you may not notice a group of friends shouting your name or a cute student passing you by.

If you ignore your surroundings, people may begin to think you are not interested in being involved socially!

Being socially unaware won’t allow you to make new friends or be aware of those who may be interested in becoming friends with you.

2. Tell everyone about your imaginary friend from elementary school.

Okay, maybe don’t take this advice literally, but what I mean is, embrace your eccentric qualities and unique personality. The traits that may seem strange to other people are often what makes them care about you even more.

3. Keep a journal.



By writing about your thoughts and feelings each day, you will be able to reflect on your decisions. If your behavior is not meeting your standards, then you will be aware and be able to make changes.

4. Meet others like you.

One of the best ways to stick out is to stand with a group of friends who are just like you. It’s easy to blend into the crowd of undergrads when you feel alone or have no one by your side, so check out clubs and organizations on campus and get involved!

The more friends you make, the more confident you will feel about being yourself.

This will be a reminder that you are not just a student, but also a unique individual.

Hopefully by following these few tips, you will be able to be who you are without falling off track. If you ever do feel you are falling away from everything you stand for, take a breath and know that you can just as easily find your way back.

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