UCONN has done it again… the women’s team, that is!

Being a UCONN alum myself, I am proud to say I attended the school with, bar none, the best women’s basketball team EVER!

On Tuesday, December 21st, the women’s team beat out Florida State bringing the teams’ number of consecutive wins to 89 total, breaking the previous NCAA record for most consecutive victories.

But what has also been making headlines is the UCONN women’s coach, Geno Auriemma, and his comments about how women’s sports are treated in the media.

Instead of being shot down for speaking out against this harsh reality, he was supported by other coaches.

Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, supported Geno’s claims in a statement only a short while after:

“Geno’s right,” Rivers said. “They’re not getting attention because it’s a women’s team, and that’s not fair. I don’t care what sport you’re in — when you win that many in a row, it’s extraordinary. Penn State’s women’s volleyball team just did the same thing, and they only got mentioned late, when they’d already broken the record. They’ve won four national titles in a row, and people should know about that. If it was the UConn men’s program, we would be talking about it every day.”

I have to agree; with all of the amazing skill and talent women bring to the sports arena, I am surprised they don’t get more credit for their accomplishments. Maybe after their 100th game-win they will have “earned” the right to be on par with the boys.

What do you think?

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