Getting an Internship, keeping one, and turning it into a CAREER!

As a student, it is important to understand the severity of gaining experience. Once you reach graduation, job recruiters are looking at your resume to see what you can offer because what is the point of being a book worm if you can’t bring anything to the table?

There are several things that you should do as a student before graduation. Gaining several internships is one of them. Why? The reasons are very simple:

1. You gain Experience!

There is nothing like being able to do something first hand. Yes, textbooks are great but how many of you actually like reading those long books? They seem to drag on and on about stuff instead of displaying the juicy stuff. Internships put you, as a student, in the work force allowing you to learn what it’s really like doing that job. This is a great tool because it may even help you realize the job you THOUGHT you loved, isn’t for you.

2. You can add it to your resume!

There is one thing you don’t want to do when you graduate and that is not have a beautiful resume. This is because it is a piece of paper that can either make or break you. Recruiters want to know what you can do, what you’ve been involved in, how great can you multitask. They can’t find any of this out if you’ve never been involved on campus or had an internship.

3. You learn time management!

You are a student, meaning you have to juggle several things at once. Some of you are full time, have jobs, in a sorority/fraternity or several clubs, honor societies and an internship must seem like adding just another thing to your schedule–which means less sleep, right? Of course, it sounds bad but it always does when you are just THINKING about it. All you have to do is prove to yourself that you can do it for one semester…after that, you’ll be more confident to continue. Learning time management is also training for graduation. As you can see, it all links to that common goal: GRADUATION. When you are in the real world, you have no OTHER option but to manage your time wisely because it is then that you will be dealing with million dollar companies and a lot is at stake. So why not learn now?

4. You build relationships!

If you begin an internship you are guaranteed to build solid relationships with those who hired you. If you don’t, then you’re doing something wrong. But these relationships are extremely important because they are the ones who can possibly hire you. No one, I repeat, no one wants to graduate without a job. Because the real world is just that–REAL.

5. Relationships equals Professional References!

Being able to provide solid professional references is always substantial. This is a huge booster in applying for a job because you now have other people to speak on your behalf–your resume doesn’t have to speak for itself.

6. You walk out with a job–GUARANTEED!

If you play your cards right during your semesters of interning, there is no reason why they wouldn’t want you to work for THEM. Show up on time, give it 100% every single day, and out shine everyone because this is what will guarantee you a spot when it is time to graduate. Of course, communication is key. Keeping consistent contact with the corporations is very important because you need to make it clear to them that you appreciate the opportunity of working with them.

Try to do an internship every semester while you are in college. It can be done, especially if you are living in a big city, there are many places out there who desperately need your help! Be motivated and never stop educating yourself!

In love, peace and happiness

Bianca Salvant

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