Women everywhere love to wear heels because they are sexy and they make us feel sexy.

Am I right, or am I right?


As college women, we tend to wear shoes that kill us. We want to look perfect at the bar, party, or formal dance, and we don’t care how badly our feet hurt.

There are also the few college women who love to wear heels, but can’t seem to walk in them. They seem to have an eye for “5 minute shoes.”

You know, the ones that look fabulous on but you can only wear them for 5 minutes before you feel like you’re losing circulation?

Yeah, those.

Here are a few tips for those nights when you decide to slip on some heels; they may keep you from losing them 5 minutes after you get to the party!

1. Learn to Keep Balance

Being able to keep your balance is crucial when in heels or people a mile away will be able to tell that the shoes you are wearing aren’t your best friends.

The way to do this is tightening up your core (abdominal muscles) and keeping your back straight.

This will allow you to wear them for longer periods of time.

2. Platforms

Next time you are in the show department, look for heels with a good platform. These are the most comfortable heels because if you notice, the arch is very small but the platform makes it appear longer. I, personally, love them!

3. Know Your Size!

If you do not know your exact shoe size, shoot yourself!

Wearing heels that aren’t the right size is basically setting yourself up for failure. It is uncomfortable and extremely unflattering if your toes are touching the floor or your feet are swimming in too-big heels.

4. Small Steps

No need to rush, don’t over do it; walk slowly. Give the fellas a chance to look at you a little longer 🙂

5. Practice

Wear your heels around the house. Breaking shoes in is important so why not do it when no one is looking?

It’s okay if you trip every so often because you are alone and it’s better for you to trip while alone than on the strip when everyone is watching.

In love, peace and happiness


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