We all take the SAT before college. It’s almost a part of crossing over into college-hood!

This test is pretty important when it comes to getting into some colleges.

The SAT is just one of many ways college admissions decide whether you stack up well against the competition.

Usually juniors and seniors take the SAT.

Some of them try it once and get a great score, others take the SAT 12 times until they’re okay with their score.

Not only are there books on the test, but there are classes and online test to help any student prepare for a very important test.

In 2012, more than 1.66 million high school students took the SAT.

Find out in the college infographic below everything you need to know before, during and after testing day. Leave comments below on how you prepared (and hopefully aced) the test.

Good luck and bring a pencil!

The 411 on the SAT

Courtesy of: OnlineColleges.com

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