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As much as I don’t want to admit it, summer is almost over, and the beginning of a new semester is on the horizon. Soon we will have to trade in the bathing suits and towels  for textbooks and Uniballs. Yet again. Well this year, I’ve decided to be a bit more responsible both with my discipline and my expenses. After all, no point in wasting all that time and money at school if you’re just going to fail and have to retake classes.

Although the discipline is something I’m going to have to work on myself, I have decided to try out American Express’ Bluebird account as a means to keep my spending in check throughout the year (I’ll explain why in a minute). I have applied for the card, and when it arrives I will be loading it with $500 in preparation for going back to school. Over the next 4 weeks, as I get ready to go back, I will be posting regular updates on how Bluebird’s features are helping me in my preparation, which features I’m finding useful and ultimately, how well American Express’ new concept works for a student like myself.

So lets get back to why I chose to try out Bluebird. First off, American Express generally knows whats up, and seems like a company that knows how to cater to individual markets (*cough* Amex Black Card *cough*). So when I saw that they had created the Amex Bluebird card for students I was like ‘Hey, I’m a student! Maybe this will be useful to me!‘ So, I went on their siteto check it out.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features the Amex Bluebird Account offers that I see potentially being important to me.


I Don’t Have to Deal with a Bank

I am not one who relishes the idea of reading every last tiny piece of fine print, so from a bank’s perspective, I’m easy prey. I have no idea when I’m charged for certain services, when I’m subject to fees, or anything of that nature. Bluebird is the perfect alternative to checking and debit, and they prefer to use bold print  for these types of details. Most likely because there ARE no fees. For anything. No annual fees, no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, no inactivity fees, no card replacement fees and no foreign exchange fees. So whatever money I’m putting on this card is being spent where I choose to spend it (well, paying the water bill isn’t exactly a choice, but you get what I mean).

I Can Use My Phone to Manage My Money

Let’s be honest, in this day and age we have been molded to rely on our cellphones. I only use a computer when its absolutely necessary, as most daily tasks can be done on a smartphone. American Express understands this, hence the reason Bluebird has a mobile app which allows you to do all the important stuff in the palm of your hand, whenever and wherever you please. This is a huge selling point for me.

Complicated Stuff Looks Easy

Whether its putting money in or paying it out, Bluebird seems to make things as easy as possible for the inexperienced (like myself). The idea of paying all my bills on the same page, and being able to deposit money at any Walmart in the country is appealing.

There are many more features that Bluebird advertises, but I just wanted to justify my decision to use the card based on what sold me. These are the 3 main reasons I’m going to give the Amex Bluebird card a try, even though I’m sure the other features will come in handy at one point or another. Again, this is something that we will see as I document the next month. Once I receive my card, I will post my next update on how Bluebird is helping me prepare for the semester.


Disclosure: This series of posts is sponsored by Bluebird by American Express.

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