So it’s been a long workweek. You’ve been putting in long hours, tackling big projects, tacking on the overtime. Now that it’s coming to a close, you’re looking for a way to blow off some steam, enjoy the weekend and hit the refresh button on your positive professional outlook (or maybe you need a mid-week break to make sure you make it through). But you’ve been elbow-deep in emails and project folders so long that you’ve had no time to keep up with what’s happening around town. Where is a young urban professional to turn? College Cures has you covered with the five best guides for going out.

1. is a curated guide to New York City’s most talked-about and recommended cocktail destinations, providing a growing catalogue of drink menus, venue profiles and neighborhood guides to help you decide where to go and what to drink. The site provides a list of top cocktail spots from A to Z that you can view by neighborhood or browse by activity, as well as a dipsology blog for “best of” articles, bar spotlights and more. A great site for finding the best booze-related weekend hangouts, late-night party times or midweek romantic rendezvous.

2. is a free email magazine devoted to keeping you in the know on the latest in urban nightlife, food, style, gear and leisure. It’s an indispensable option if you find yourself out of town in an unfamiliar city, as UrbanDaddy’s mobile app The Next Move uses location, time, day and weather information to deliver venue recommendations based on situational context.

3. is a site that specializes in what their associates like, meaning they don’t write reviews, just recommendations, wading through the weekend and nightlife mire to find the best of your city’s food, drinks, gear, services, entertainment, travel options and events. Sign up for their daily email list and they’ll provide you with what is hot and none of the not.

4. is an eclectic hub for young DC and NYC’s best in food, film, art and music. Its visually engaging layout is sure to get your party vibes vibing, and its five-day calendar imbues the “live today to the fullest” spirit. The site also offers extensive coverage of the latest in young gay nightlife, photos and write-ups about the events you couldn’t make, and the proper boost of post-work energy you may find yourself lacking.

5. If you find yourself outside the country and you’d rather not settle for the usual tourist traps, Time Out Worldwide has your back. Covering cities as diverse as Hong Kong, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpor, the well-researched city guides leave you no excuse to shut yourself in your hotel room, no matter which city your boss sends you to.

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