Links We Love This Week, Summer Kickoff Edition

Links We Love

The Harry Potter Crew Gets Sorted Into Colleges

We’re working with Sony!
Look out for some new blog posts about my experiences with their all new laptop. For now, check out and check out all the great electronics for College students and professionals of all kinds!

We’re working with Adobe! 
These guys make the most thorough suite of creative products I’ve ever used. Download the free trial and stay tuned for my experiences with their products and much much more from the Adobe camp!

5 Tech Things Every Girl Should Know How to Do

Meet Kara Apel, Awesome College Cures Writer and Brilliant Young Mind! 

…and read her blog at

How to: Eat on a Weekend Away With Friends

How To: Snack Well While Traveling

The Pioneer Girl: Simplicity

Panzanella Three Ways

Hangover Cures Around The World


Like to party? Check out the College Candy Summer Party!

We’re only one week away from the College Candy big summer party.  Be sure to tell everyone you know, and anybody in the tri-state area should head up to NYC and check it out!

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