We’ve got our roundup of the week; our favorite links from around the web for you to read, share, and enjoy!

Check out our favorites of the week, visit their sites and peruse through them to find your own favorites this week:

1. CollegeCandy.com

This Post-Grade Life: A Mid-Life Crisis at Twenty-Three

2. CollegeCandy.com

The Worst Party Fouls

3. MadeMan.com

10 Songs About Relationships

4. MensHealth.com

Dating Websites

5. BlissTree.com

10 Super Bowl Party Foods Made Healthy

6. Gawker.com

The Best Super Bowl Commercials You’ll See on Sunday

7. TheCampusSocialite.com

How Facebook Hurts Your Sex Life

8. Mashable.com

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Special Geek in Your Life

9. Jezebel.com

The Art of Dealing With Other People’s Kids

10. HookingupSmart.com

How to Destroy a Relationship

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