Links We LOVE: Improve Your Life Edition!

We’ve got our link roundup for the week: our favorite life improvement links from around the web for you to read, share and enjoy!

Check out our favorites of the week, visit their sites and catch up on all your college tips! Check out these links for the latest in improving YOUR life from love and relationships to health and finances, it’s all here.

1. College Candy

9 Things College Girls Should Give Up For Lent

2. The Campus Socialite

Road the Riches: A Humorous Flowchart

3. That’s Fit

Can Drinking Diet Soda Help Me Lose Weight?

4. Blisstree

5 Pieces of My Best Life & Health Advice

5. The Beauty Bean

Spring Into Health: How to Avoid the End-of-Winter Cold

6. Your Tango

7 Happiness Boosters to Try Right Now

7. AOL Health

Aging Gracefully: 8 Tricks to Add Years to Your Life

8. The Frisky

Money 101: Identifying the Money Drains in Your Life

9. The College Crush

Just Like Facebook Says: Is It Really That Complicated?

10. College Gloss

How to Donate to Japanese Earthquake

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