We’ve got our link roundup for the week: our favorite college tips and advice links from around the web for you to read, share and enjoy!

Check out our favorites of the week, visit their sites and catch up on all your college tips! Check out these links for the latest in degrees, graduating and getting through college one step at a time.

1. TheCampusSocialite.com

What is Your College Degree Worth? Studies Show: Not Very Much

2. CollegeCandy.com

Surviving Senior Year: The Pre-Post-Grad Crisis

3. LovelyUnderGrad.com

Male Dorm Decor: Sleek, Masculine Take on Vintage

4. Unigo.com

Find Out What College is Really Like

5. HackCollege.com

Become the Perfect Interviewer

6. CollegeNews.com

Student Guide to Building Credit History

7. CollegeTimes.us

7 Valuable Tips for Writing Your College Essay

8. Unigo.com

Mastering the College Admissions Essay

9. CollegeTips.com

College Study Tips for Students

10. CollegeAdviceBlog.com

Quick Tip: Make Your Own Lunch

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