We’ve got our roundup of the week; our favorite links from around the web for you to read, share, and enjoy! Check out our favorites of the week, visit their sites and peruse through to find your own favorites this week!

Links We Love

Links We Love

1. CollegeCandy.com

CollegeCandy.com – What Does Love Even Mean These Days?

2. AskMen.com

AskMen.com – the Top 10 Friendship Commandments

3. HackCollege.com

HackCollege.com – Best Apps For the Classroom

4. Jezebel.com

Jezebel.com – Social Minefield: How to Deal With Shyness

5. TheCampusSocialite.com

TheCampusSocialite.com – What Your Jeans Say About You

6. TheFrisky.com

TheFrisky.com – the 10 Dating Commandment for Women

7. HookingUpSmart.com

HookingUpSmart.com – 11 Insights from the MEN of HookingUpSmart

8. UnbiasedWriter.com

UnbiasedWriter.com – Kanye West Leaks New Track

9. Crushable.com

Crushable.com – Holly Madison: Don’t Be Mad at Hugh

10. TheCampusSocialite.com

TheCampusSocialite.com – The Massholes Guide to Living in Boston

11. BuzzFeed.com

BuzzFeed.com – Swanky NYC Celeb Pads on the Market

12. LovelyUnderGrad.com

LovelyUnderGrad.com – Textbooks More Bang For Your Buck

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